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Arsenic Removal From Water

Arsenic is odorless, tasteless, a semi metal element and a natural ground level element. Arsenic has been linked to cancer, stomach, lungs, kidneys, skin, liver, bladder. It can cause pain,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness and blindness and excessive amounts can lead to death. However, the dangers of arsenic level in the water is limited to digestion only. Using the water for a shower or bath has no harm to the body or skin. Still arsenic removal from water in the home is still a good idea.

Private water suppliers are not regulated by the E.P.A., and there are government grants being issued to do research on ways arsenic removal from water can be done effectively. The removal of arsenic from our water systems has been going on for years but since sources of arsenic are becoming readily available through natural means it is making it more difficult to keep our drinking water safe.

Arsenic is widely found throughout the crust of the earth. It is the results of the erosion of the rocks and layers and formations of the surface. Industries have contributed in bringing arsenic to our water supplies. The effects from long term arsenic in water can be dangerous but it varies by location and the duration of the use of the water. Arsenic can be found in wood, bone meal, tobacco smoke and seafood.

There are kits to measure the amount of arsenic in the water supply. When used properly companies or individuals can know exactly if arsenic removal from water is required. The amount of 10 ppb or more in the water needs to have an application of GHF granular ferric hydroxide added to the water. If this action is taken it will reduce the arsenic to safe levels.

There are numerous cities in the U.S. that have shown a large amount of PPB in their public water system and these cities have been instructed to use the GHF to neutralize the arsenic in the water. There is also the method of using iron for neutralizing the sediment which has been shown to aid in arsenic removal from water.

Funding is being given to companies to research ways to reduce the amount of arsenic found in water supplies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is also giving grants to universities and their researchers to gain knowledge on the smaller water systems.

Purification of water is not easy to do in a private well and the source is very hard to determine. However arsenic removal from water is easily accomplished and it is something that must be done to keep our water safe and potable.

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