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How To Build a Water Distiller

Learning how to build a water distiller for times of emergency when a reliable source of water is a must should be high on everyone’s list of must-learn skills. A home-made water distiller is actually not a very hard project to tackle. With a few parts that are readily found in any kitchen, anyone can make a water distiller that produces safe drinking water for anyone in the household.

In the following paragraphs, we will present two steps to build a water distiller. The first one relies on the energy of the sun to distill the water while the second uses a stove to hasten the evaporation process.

Steps to Build a Water Distiller

You will need a large bowl, a small glass that fits inside the bowl, transparent plastic wrap, rubber bands, and small paperweights.

1. Position the glass in the middle of a large bowl. Make sure that the glass is heavy enough to resist the buoyancy of the water when the bowl is filled.

2. Pour in water halfway up the bowl. Use the glass as a determinant for when to stop filling. When the glass begins to float, you know you have put in too much.

3. Close out the top of the bowl with a transparent plastic wrap and fasten using rubber bands.

4. Place the paper weights on top of the transparent plastic wrap. They should be light enough to not break the layer but heavy enough to cause it to sag into the glass. The weights should be directly about the glass for this to work.

5. Place the whole setup in a place where it receives direct sunlight.

6.Soon you should start to see water droplets forming on the underside of the transparent warp. The droplets will roll into the middle where the paperweights are located, will coalesce to form bigger droplets that fall back into the glass. The water inside the glass is pure, distilled water and is suitable for drinking.

The weakness with this system is that the slow rate of evaporation only produces up to half a liter of water every few hours. If you are trying to support a family of 5, that would be inadequate for a whole day’s supply. You can build a more heavy duty setup using the steps outlined below.

Steps to Build a Heavy-Duty, High-Production Rate Water Distiller

You will need a stove, a pot, heat-resistant plastic wrap, a rubber hose, a bottle to collect the water into, and a large bowl.

1.Following the same concept, put the water into the pot and position it above a stove where you can heat it and evaporate it faster.

2.Cover the top of the pot with heat-resistant wrap. Any other wrap will melt when the heat is applied. Punch a hole through the wrap and fit the rubber hose into the hole. Seal it back tightly with rubber bands.

3.Connect the opposite end of the hose to a bottle and do the same sealing between the mouth of the bottle and the tip of the rubber hose.

4.Immerse the bottle in a large bowl filled with ice.

5.Begin heating and following the same principles, you will see water condense inside the bottle immersed in the ice bath.

As a final word on how to build a water distiller, remember that a distiller is able to separate the water from potential solid contaminants that are not filtered by ordinary means. On the other hand, boiling can kill microbes but not separate the contaminants from the water. If you truly want to have clean water, then using this simple distillation setup is your best bet against contaminants in the water. Just make sure that all the distiller components are properly sterilized and cleaned before you use them, otherwise there is no use distilling the water if you permit it to pass through a dirty rubber hose.

Follow these simple tips and build a water distiller that can service your family in times of emergency. You know you can definitely benefit from not having to worry about finding a reliable source of drinking water. With a water distiller, you can turn any water source into a drinkable water source.

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