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Camping Water Purifier

When going out to spend a night or two in the camping grounds, always make sure to carry a camping water purifier along with you. It presents several key advantages that should enable you to enjoy your camping adventure better than if you were devoid of the purifier. This would be especially true if something happen to your clean water supply. In this post, we’ll talk about the essential benefits of a camping water purifier including what you should expect to pay if you are planning to get one.

A camping water purifier employs a simple technology involving filters and a hand pump. The hand pump enables the purifier to suck water from a natural source, say a spring or lake, and push that water through the filters to entrain the particulates and produce clean, and safe drinking water.

The degree of sophistication of the setup is a key determinant of the price of the camping water purifier. With more filtering stages and a higher production capacity, high-end purifiers sell for up to $300. In contrast, the more simple purifiers sell from $90 to $200 depending on the brand.

When planning to buy a camping water purifier, take note of the following essential considerations:

1. Capacity - Capacity is by far the most important thing to consider. Will the filter be used for one or two persons for a few days, or is it for a family of 4 out on the camping grounds for the summer? You should match the need to the capacity to make sure that the camping water purifier delivers as needed.

2. The ease of use combined with the type of filter system - In most purifiers, the filters are replaceable after a certain period of use. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper camping water purifier requires more frequent filter replacements while more expensive varieties can last up to a month of regular use with no filter change required. Paying attention to this should allow you to maximize the use of the purifier without compromising the quality of the resultant water.

3. Portability - Obviously, a camping water purifier should be designed to be portable because you are supposed to be able to take it to the camping grounds without issue. In some cases, however, this is not the case. Make sure to ask that the purifier can operate without the need for external power; that it is light enough and small enough to fit in a camping knapsack; and that it is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of being used outdoors, through hikes and other similar activities.

A camping water purifier can be a lifesaver in terms of finding just the right water source to keep you going. With it, you will not have to carry huge, bulky, and heavy water bottles that slow you down and take too much effort to transport. Instead, a light and capable camping water purifier can be pulled out at any time to purify your water supply and get you going with minimal effort.

Another giant plus for having a camping water purifier is if an accident or illness occurred and you were stuck in the wilderness without help for an extended period, you would have a safe water supply to rely on.

Check for available camping water purifier options using the tips we just mentioned so you can maximize your camping time without having to worry about drinking water.