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Water is a life-sustaining important drink for human beings and is needed for survival. Other than fat, seventy percent of the human body is water. It is highly important in the processes of metabolism and is a solvent for many solutes of the body. /p>

If you do not have access to clean water, you need to explore the variety of clean water solutions available in the market today.

Also called potable water, drinking good quality water without risking your health is essential. In countries that are more developed, water supplied to industries, commercial enterprises and households are potable or can be used for drinking.

In many parts of the world, there is limited access to water that is potable and the water that is available is contaminated with unacceptable levels of suspended solids, dissolved chemicals, pathogens or disease vectors.

Since this type of water is contaminated, using it for drinking leads to widespread chronic and acute illness and is a frequent cause of death among women, men and children.

Clean water solutions are of paramount importance due to the fact that 2.6 billion people in the world are lacking in basic sanitation and over a billion individuals in countries that are developing have limited access to clean water.

One solution is to use ultra violet methods of disinfecting water. Mechanisms that are able to use UV light for disinfecting contaminated water are both energy efficient and low-maintenance. These are devices that operate on the same energy a sixty Watt bulb uses up.

Because UV mechanisms are able to treat up to fifteen liters every minute, providing water for over a thousand people, developing nations make this the first choice in terms of water disinfecting solutions.

Solar water disinfection is another clean water solution that is a practical, low cost method of water purification that can be implemented utilizing materials that are locally available. Compared to methods that use fuel firewood, solar water disinfection is a solution that is environmentally friendly and is worth considering.

Solutions for water include having filtration for drinking water, having access to water purifiers for drinking water through reverse osmosis and the removal of bacteria inactivation through ultra violet or UV techniques. In addition, acidic water solutions will need to have their PH balance raised. In some cases, reduction or the removal of nitrates is needed as well as the provision of pressure systems such as tanks.

In more developed countries, the clean water solutions need to include solving scaling problems that is caused by hard water. Hard water causes the white colored spots you see in dishes, the white build up in tubs, showers and kitchens.

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