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Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time and at any place in the world. This includes the place where you live or may be visiting. Many times when an emergency happens, the people involved are pretty much on their own as far as survival goes. This is why it is very important to have a kit ready that is full of emergency survival supplies. These supplies can help to save lives as well as make life easier during the disaster. When preparing an emergency survival kit, you will need many items. Here are a few things to think about.

Your survival kit may vary with your location and emergency expectation, but a few things you might want to include are raincoats for protection against wind and rain, tarp, large plastic bags, mosquito nets, and a magnifying glass for fire starting. Things like lighters and matches will also come in handy if a fire has to be started for warmth or cooking, but be sure they are packed in a way they will stay dry.

For the health part of your emergency survival supplies you will want things like a first aid kit that is contains band aids, aspirin, ibuprofen, antibiotic cream, hand sanitizer, salt, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, sunscreen, suture kit, and antibiotics in case of injury. If possible, have things like a splint, gauze and other items you may need in case of a major injury. Always pack as much as possible in the health kit portion, as injury or illness can make you more at risk and vulnerable in an emergency situation.

Within your emergency survival kit, always make sure you have food and water. It is recommended that you have at least a three day supply of emergency water. Some people choose to have more than a three day supply as you never know how long the emergency situation may last. To be prepared in may be a wise idea to keep an emergency water filter on hand at all times. The human body can survive for weeks without food, but without water, it can survive only a few days. Another thing about water is that it is needed for cooking and sanitary purposes. You will want to pack extra for these uses so as not to go into your drinking rations. Canned food is a necessity in your emergency survival supplies as are water purification tablets, and perhaps some knowledge of emergency water purification techniques. Along with this, many people pack emergency water pouches as these are quick and easy to store.

Other emergency survival supplies to consider for your kit are firearms for hunting game and protection, flares, whistles, cell phone, and anything that you may find useful in an emergency situation. Always make sure that when you make your emergency survival supplies kit to store it in a place where it can easily be reached and accessed. Make sure that you check the supplies periodically and change the water in your kit at least once a year. Also, make sure when packing your emergency survival supplies that you seal anything that may not be waterproof with a plastic bag.

Many people don't prepare for disasters and when one happens they find themselves in a dire situation. Don't let yourself and your family become a statistic.

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