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Purification of Water In An Emergency

The Importance of Emergency Water Filters

As the frequency of natural and man-made disasters continues to rise, more emphasis has now been placed on disaster preparedness and management. One is advised to have a disaster plan in mind, just in case such an emergency strikes. When designing your disaster plans, one of the most emphasized topics is on emergency storage supplies. One thing all emergency supply kits require is one or more emergency water filters to provide safe drinking water if none is available.

It has been noted that during natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. water sources may be contaminated by physical as well as chemical pollutants. As these sources provide the very drinking water that we rely on, it becomes essential that we use emergency water filters for removal all harmful material. Some people are oblivious to the fact that piped water comes directly from water sources like ponds, river, lakes, etc. Thus, they tend to disregard storing emergency water filters. This may result in harmful yet avoidable diseases breaking out causing serious medical problems for everyone involved.

Emergency water filters also come in handy when the piped water system breaks down. In most states, piped water is usually treated before being supplied to any household. During natural disasters, the treatment centers responsible for ensuring the water is always clean may be damaged and thus the treatment process is not carried out. If this happens it falls upon the average person to ensure that their water is treated before consuming it. While there may be several other means for treating water such as boiling, emergency water filters offer the fastest and most economical means of performing the process.

As technology advances, the size of emergency water filters have drastically reduced. Moreover, the costs of the filters have dropped as well. Presently, one can get a micro-filter at just under $200. While the initial cost may be rather high, most emergency water filters come with a long warranty with some boasting lifetime warranties.

The quality of water treated by emergency water filters is sometimes questioned. Many people believe that these filters by themselves are not enough to remove all of the harmful bacteria and tend to recommend boiling as a form of water treatment. While boiling may be a good form of water treatment, it may be impractical as during emergencies one is unlikely to have a stored fuel source. Water treatment by filtering is the best and most effiecient form of emergency water purification. It is fast and practical.

During a disaster situation, one can fashion their own emergency water filters from paper towels or cloth. Since this will of course not remove all the bacteria it is recommended to do this in conjuction will boiling the water as well or adding small amounts of clorine or iodine. You need to read one of our other articles on this method.

Emergency water filters are an integral part of any emergency kit. Their usefulness should not in any way be disregarded as by doing so it could very well cost one their life.

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