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Purification of Water In An Emergency


An emergency water filtration system is necessary to people from all walks of life. Water carries numerous disease causing organisms that are not visible to the human eye. Clear water can be dangerous to human body if not properly boiled or treated. For these reasons an emergency water filtration system is needed for travel, outdoor activities and real emergencies. In the face of uncertainties that strike at times such as floods, fires, tornados or earthquakes, a family needs an emergency escape bag in which necessary drugs, safe water and other essentials well packed.

Having an emergency water filtration system helps the family keep safe and healthy in face of adversity. There are a number of emergency filtration methods but we shall look at only two.

One such ready to use filtration technology is the Aquamira Frontier Emergency water system. Made from superheated particles, it is a porous carbon impregnated filter and its pores are highly controlled. It removes physical and chemical contaminants through absorption and mechanical removal. This is a trusted way to remove over ninety nine percent of all disease causing agents.

This is a very easy to use filter. There are tablets and drops that will be measured and introduced into the water. In only a few minutes the water is safe for drinking. There are a number of portable drinking water systems available to make water safe for drinking and reduce the fear of infection.

The second method has been used by soldiers in military services. In rescue and other missions, soldiers need pure drinking water to survive but they may not find safe water in many places. For this reason emergency water filtration systems are always part of their supplies.

Emergency water filters available on the market are designed to fit in small places to easily be carried along on our travels. It works for 72 hours producing three liters of pure and safe drinking water. They cleanse muddy water, and since they have microscopic pores, they do not allow any pathogens to pass through.

Water seeps very slowly from the source container into the recipient container. Filtering only about three liters a day it reminds us of the saying that slow but sure wins the race. It will be sure to remove all pathogens. It works through forward osmosis through a thin film of microscopic pores that are 100 times smaller than the small microbes! None can pass through.

The users must be patient and only ingest the safe filtered water. It may inspire greater confidence in the use of these filters by knowing they were the choice for the United States soldiers in times of Hurricane Katrina. If this filter worked for the great pace setter in technology like the U.S. military, it will no doubt work for for you and your family.

Since the latter emergency water filtration system uses no chemicals at all they are ideal for emergency use at home. It is simply a filter that leaves out all the dirt, pathogens and microbes in water to make it safe without addition of chemicals.