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Emergency Water Pouch

When it comes to having a back-up supply of water for contingency purposes, nothing beats having an emergency water pouch as your water supply. This is most pronounced if you are out in the field, perhaps on a hike or a trail run, and you need to have a steady source of drinkable water to keep you going. Conversely, the same concept can be applied to disaster preparedness situations in the home. In the succeeding paragraphs, we will look to discuss these two cases in more detail.

On the individual level, an emergency water pouch is any water container that holds a substantial amount of water to keep you going while you are out camping, hiking, running, fishing or biking. Today, most camping specialty stores and running boutiques sell specially designed water pouches that can carry a liter or two of water. The pouch is intended to keep you hydrated throughout the duration of the activity until you can find another water source where you can refill your water pouch.

In this situation, there are a few important considerations to remember in order to select the right emergency water pouch. First, it has to be lightweight in order to ensure mobility. For this reason, many of the commercial emergency water pouch varieties are made from plastic or rubber and can be hooked on to a camping bag or a belt for enhanced portability.

Second, the size should also be considered. A big water container will be too heavy to lug around negating all considerations for mobility. Conversely, a very small container will only carry enough water to last a short period, beyond which it will be rendered useless if it cannot be refilled by then. One has to strike the perfect balance between size, need, and the frequency for the container being refilled when selecting one that suits the demand.

The same considerations apply equally well to emergency water pouch designs in the home, although in all fairness, these containers are more like tanks or barrels than they are pouches. In the case of a home emergency water container, mobility is less of a concern because the water container can be easily confined to one spot through which the family can draw water during times of emergency.

An emergency water pouch in the home, instead, has to be properly sized to cater to the needs of the household for the expected number of days that the normal water supply is out. It also needs to be stored in a safe location where it will not be damaged by any disaster, but not too secluded as to prove inaccessible when it needs to be used.

The bottom line is that, however we look at it, our need for water is paramount in emergency situations when we are far removed from normal sources of potable water. This is where the utility of an emergency water pouch comes in handy. By planning ahead and giving sufficient attention to selecting an emergency water pouch, we can be confident that we are adequately prepared for any eventuality that might arise from an unexpected disaster.

In case you ever get caught without an emergency water pouch or other method of water storage, you may want to browse our website to learn emergency water purification techniques. You can even make your own water pouches or storage containers.