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Emergency Water Storage

In this modern age, one often forgets to cater for the little yet essential things in life. Take piped water, for instance. Since its introduction several decades ago in most countries, people have now become complacent especially when it comes to emergency water storage measures. One has to be prepared for anything, as a disaster may occur at any time. Moreover, emergency water storage measures play an important role in ensuring that you always have water wherever you are.

In the wake of the several disasters that have hit our planet such as hurricane Katrina and the Japan earthquake, it is of even greater importance that one formulates and develops emergency plan to cater for such emergencies. Water is the one thing that we need a daily supply of in order to remain healthy.

When formulating an emergency water storage plan, it is important to take the size and layout of your home into consideration. Look for and mark the locations in your property where you can easily access emergency water storage supplies. If one has a sturdy basement, supplies such as water barrels should be stored here, especially if the home is in a disaster prone zone. Additionally, place a storage barrel outside the property, just next to the house. It is important to note that these storage equipment do not have to be used for storage only, most people use them to collect rainwater. If one does not have a water storage tank, simply having these barrels will help in rainwater collection.

Emergency water storage barrels are especially useful if one has frequent water shortages. These shortages could be due to several reasons such as poor plumbing or blocked pipes. This is a situation that is common in poorly developed apartments and houses. Whichever the reason may be, simply having these water storage barrels in one’s house ensures that there is a constant supply of water.

One should also take the cost of the storage supplies into consideration. The cost of these storage supplies varies with the size and type of storage vessel. There are two main types of storage vessels: the metallic variety and the plastic variety. Generally, the plastic barrels tend to have one major advantage over the metallic variety: they have a longer shelf life as they are not prone to rust. Though metallic barrels may be made to resist rust, they tend to rust after one uses them for a while. The sizes of the different barrels range from about 25 gallons to 200 gallons. One should choose water storage equipment that is capable of serving a large size family while having an economic cost. One must also ensure that these vessels are properly cleaned before any water is stored in them.

Emergency water storage is an important aspect in the emergency preparation plan. In case one is financially unable to invest in water storage equipment, they should at least purchase commercially bottled water to keep in their emergency kit just in case. In this world, it won’t hurt to be a little prepared.

Water is life in the time of an emergency. Our website can show you how to prepare for any disaster so be sure and us at anytime for water purification techniques and much more.