Health Benefits of Water

Healthy Water

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Health Benefits of Water

We all know that we naturally need water in order to survive, but beyond this not a lot of people know about the many health benefits of water. Because of this lack of knowledge we often take water for granted and in the process give little attention to it. For example, we’ve all been taught to drink at least eight glasses of water a day because it is good for our health, but really, how many among us take this advice seriously?

The ubiquity of water should not take anything away from all the health benefits that it brings. In fact, because water is so commonly accessible, we should all feel fortunate that these health benefits of water are available to everyone. We cannot say the same of many other sources of health benefits like fruits and vegetables from the local supermarket which are becoming ever more expensive by the day.

Among the many health benefits of water that are readily available to everyone are:

Water is the medium by which all major bodily processes are completed. Without water, all of these functions would cease to exist. Unfortunately, we normally dehydrate water even when sitting down inside a comfortable office environment so there is an ever present need to replenish the water that we regularly lose. Regularly replenishing allows all the important bodily processes to continue happening so we do not get sick.

Water is also an excellent cleansing agent. When we wash our skin in the morning, we are washing away dead skin cells that may become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses if left unclean. The water component in our blood gets filtered by the kidneys and carries with it many unwanted substances like excess salts and dead red blood cells. Water in the digestive tract cleanses the colon washing away toxins which are present in the food that we eat. Water’s cleansing ability is one of the most important health benefits of water and makes it an indispensable component of our daily existence.

An often unstated health benefit of water is that it is a crucial element for weight loss. Fat burning is a metabolic process that only occurs in the presence of water. People who want to lose weight should make it a point to drink enough water to allow the body to efficiently burn fat and get rid of the by-products after the fat-burning process.

Of the many health benefits of water, one of the most simple and yet most profound is the effect that water has on beauty, and in particular our outward appearance. With sufficient water, the skin becomes suppler as opposed to dry and parched. Many cosmetic products are available on supermarket shelves marketing wondrous abilities about making your skin firmer, clearer and more elastic. However, why buy these very expensive products when you can reap exactly the same set of benefits by drinking water as recommended for your daily requirement?

Being healthy does not always require that we spend a lot on expensive products and the health benefits of water underline this important idea. Drinking eight glasses of water a day actually already solves many of our health problems, from tension headaches to hunger pangs. By making it a point to drink clean water, we are doing ourselves a tremendous favor from a health point of view. If you have yet to start the habit, you can certainly begin today!