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Home Water Filter Systems

There is a possibility that the tap water is your home is not exactly safe for drinking. The water may contain a number of contaminants. The likely contaminants that can be found in tap water include bacteria or parasites, sediments, lead and contaminants that may alter the smell or taste of your drinking water. It may therefore become necessary to purchase one of the home water filter systems available in the market.

Before settling on any one of the home water filter systems, it is important to find out the type of contaminants that are found in your water. You can get this information from the water quality report that is provided annually by your water utility company. Once you know the possible contaminant in your water, you can be in a position to choose among the different types of home water filter systems.

Home water filter systems are of two types, point of use filters and point of entry filters. Point of use filters are the type that are fitted on one point in the house such as on the kitchen sink. Point of entry filters are the type that are fixed at the main water line, the water entry point before the water is distributed throughout the house. The type of water filter that will best suit your purposes will depend on the quality of the water you receive.

If the quality of the water is really low, the most suitable type of filter will be the point of entry filter. This is because your water will need to be purified for all uses, not just for drinking or cooking. With a point of entry filter, all the water in your house, in the kitchen, bathroom, taps, toilet, will be dispensing treated water.

If your water is of a decent quality and can be used for bathing and washing clothes but is not completely safe for drinking, then the best home water filter systems will be the point of use filters.

There are different types of point of use home water filter systems. These include filter pitchers also called countertop or canister filters, under-the-sink filters and faucet mounted filters. Countertop filters are the simplest type of point of use filters and are the most commonly used. Under normal circumstances, these types of filters use granular activated carbon filters to purify water. They are therefore able to remove contaminants like lead as well as improve the taste of water.

Under-the-sink filters and faucet mounted filters are similar in some respects. They may both use granular activated carbon filters, fabric or ceramic filters. Both types of filters may have a dedicated tap attached. The faucet mounted filter may also come in a removable variety so that you can remove the filter when you do not need to purify water.

Though our website in mainly for those who want to know about emergency water purification, we thought the article on home water filter systems would be interesting. This would be especially helpful if you are going to store water that has come through your home faucet.