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Purification of Water In An Emergency

How to Make a Water Filter In An Emergency

During emergencies, clean drinking water may not be available. The ideal situation is that people have set aside water for emergencies. In the event that they do not have safe drinking water stored away, a clean source of water is still required. In many cases, this is not easily available. Piped water may be contaminated due to leakages in the water pipes or seepages from the sewerage system.

An alternative source of water from outside the home is from rain water or from water bodies like rivers, lakes, natural springs, ponds and streams. It is always good to assume that water from these sources is not safe for drinking and should be purified first. There are various ways of purifying water such as boiling, disinfecting and filtering. Filtration as a water purification method is usually done after another type of purification has been carried out. This is because filtration on its own does not get rid of harmful contaminants in the water like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, minerals and chemicals.

Filtration usually gets rid of any floating particles in the water and depending on the type of filter, it may get rid of bad odors and tastes, so you should know how to filter water in a disaster situation.

In a water emergency, it is always useful to know how to make a water filter. The water filter does not require complicated expertise; it may be actually easier than you think. A water filter can easily be made out of items you have lying around in the house. Because you can make a water filter at home, it is very inexpensive. Everybody should know how to make a water filter because it can be lifesaving knowledge. The human body can only live a few days without it.

Here is a simple description of how to make a water filter. First you shall need some type of container such as a water bottle, a can, or a bucket. You will need to make several holes in the bottom of the container with a nail. These holes should be made in a circle at the center of the container. Next, line the bottom of the container with cotton wool or a cotton material. On top of the cotton, put a layer of gravel. After the layer of gravel, put a layer of sand. Both the gravel and cotton material play the role of preventing sand from passing through with the water. If you have coarse sand and fine sand, put a layer of fine sand then followed by the coarse sand. Your homemade water filter is now ready to use.

It is a good idea to know how to make a water filter because it is easy and filtering water does not require electricity, which may not be available during an emergency. Another reason to know how to make a water filter is filtering does get rid of harmful radiation in water.

Of course to be really prepared it would be best to purchase a commercial water filter and keep it on hand at all times. However, since many people do not prepare for emergencies this information on how to make a water filter can come in handy. If at all possible, boil the water or treat it with iodine or chlorine after filtering.

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