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How to purify water - A few tips

Water is life, period. If water is what gives you life, then you must make sure that the water you are drinking is pure or free of any contamination that can cause harm to you. It is important that you have the knowledge of how to test and how to purify water.

The only proper and sure way of telling you whether or not your water is contaminated is through laboratory testing and analysis. There are a lot of labs that can analyze your water supply and tell you if there are any contaminants. This service will come at a fee of course. You can turn to the yellow pages and get a list of the labs that are close to you and choose one that you can work with.

There are distributors of home purifier products that can test your water free of charge. The only problem is that many of them will give you untrue results as a marketing strategy just to make you buy their products.

There is a variation of water contaminants from time to time and it is therefore important to have a laboratory analysis carried out regularly. You should have your water tested for bacteria as well as any toxic substances. The test results should give you a clear indication of what substances or chemicals your water contains and this should be your guide to your next step, which is water purification.

How to purify water has been an issue since time in memorial because people have a lot of theories and different ways to do it. The most common way to go about purifying water is boiling. The process is as simple as boiling water for at least 20 minutes, which is enough to get rid of any bacteria. The only problem is if you use a large amount of water this method use a lot of energy and you might be shocked when your electricity bill arrives.

If, because of money issues, or you are in a disaster situation where boiling is impractical for you, using tincture of iodide or liquid chlorine is another tip on how to purify water. These are chemicals that are available at your nearest grocery or drug store. You should use four drops of laundry bleach for every quart of cloudy water and two drops per quart of clear water. Stir the water thoroughly and let it stand for at least 30 minutes. For iodide, it is ten drops per quart for cloudy water and five per quart of clear water, then let it stand for at least 30 minutes.

There are people who prefer natural ways of purifying water. Sunlight is the easiest and most inexpensive method that you can use to treat water. This is a method that has been a success in India and in Yemen. To get good results, you must put the water in clear containers of about 1 to 3 liters and put them outside in direct sunlight. You must make sure that the sun is at its brightest. Expose the water for a period of between one and a half hours to 5 hours. Your water should be clear with low bacteria density and very few particles. You have to note that waste water cannot be treated using the sun’s radiation, and you will not be able to treat your water during cloudy or rainy seasons. There are many ideas on how to purify water and you can search the internet for more information.

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