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How to Stop Water Pollution - You Can Help

Many water sources have been rendered unusable due to water pollution. This has created the urgent need to protect water resources. Everyone should know how to stop water pollution.

The first step to eliminating water pollution is to use the right amount of fertilizer in the lawn and garden. This will ensure that no fertilizer is washed into the drainage systems and subsequently into a nearby lake. One should also avoid over watering their lawn because it washes away fertilizer into the storm drains. It is better to water the lawn in short amounts throughout the course of the day.

Organic waste from mowing the lawn and raking leaves should be disposed off properly. Proper disposal involves bagging the waste or composting it to make free organic fertilizer which may be used on the lawn or in the garden. Decomposing leaves can add chemicals to the water supply or use up all the dissolved oxygen in the water.

One should avoid pouring chemicals, paint and oil down the drain. Such substances can harm the pipes and contaminate the water supply. The instructions on the label should be followed when disposing such substances. Most local waste management centers have a place where hazardous materials can be disposed off appropriately. It is also advisable to use non toxic, environmentally friendly products in the house such as toiletries and soap based detergents.

Litter should not be thrown into rivers, lakes and oceans. People should also take initiative to collect litter from beaches, rivers and lakes and dispose it off appropriately. When collecting litter, proper protective equipment should be used since some litter is not safe and can harm one’s health.

Everyone should learn how to stop water pollution by proper waste disposal. This involves recycling as much as possible. One should also not flush non- degradable items such as tampons and diapers down the toilet. This is because they usually end up littering beaches and contaminating water supply.

In learning how to stop water pollution, one should keep their car well maintained to prevent oil leakages which are a major source of water pollution. Both cars and boats should be periodically checked for leaks. Oil leaks usually end up in the rivers and oceans through rain runoff. Leaks cause water pollution and compromise water quality. Motor oil should also be recycled.

How to stop water pollution must be emphasized until people have the knowledge required to do it. All septic systems should be fixed to ensure there are no leaks that could ultimately end up in the rivers, lakes and oceans. It is also the duty of every individual to ensure that their local sewage treatment system is treating the water properly.

Pool and spa water should not be disposed into storm drain systems or into the yard. This is illegal and can attract a fine of $500 or more for illegal dumping. Used water should be drained into sewer drain systems. This is because storm water goes directly into the stream.

Though our website specializes in obtaining clean water in an emergency situation, we do like to add other information concerning water and keeping it pure.