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Portable Water Filters - They can save your life

People in the civilized world often take water for granted but there are many areas in the world where clean, potable water is a very scarce commodity. In urban areas, you will not have to walk a few blocks to find a water-refilling station that sells 5 gallons of water for a dollar. More developed countries can rely on the public water system to give them drinking water without any additional treatment. This is not the case in third world countries where public water facilities are not as reliable. In rural areas, there isn’t even a public water system and people will have to draw from wells and other natural sources for their drinking water supply. In case like this portable water filters could help prevent disease by producing clean drinking water

The need to prevent the spread of many diseases that are carried via contaminated water supplies require the use of portable water filters that one can take anywhere to filter a water source before drinking. Many segments of society are already adopting this practice: recreational enthusiasts who spend days in the mountains, forest and deserts carry portable water filters with them most of the time. So do military personnel, survivalists, and even teams who provide humanitarian aid.

Typical portable water filters can be a single-stage filter, a double-stage filter, or a three-staged filter. Nowadays, portable water filters are commonly available in hardware stores and home-supply stores. They work, much like in industrial water treatment facilities, by removing unwanted particles and bacteria in the water stream via a combination of filtration, adsorption and chemical treatment and vacuum pumping methods.

The typical one-stage water filter contains ceramic filters that screen pathogens and suspended solids up to 0.2-0.3 micrometers in size. Ceramic filters contain very small pores that only allow the smallest particles to pass through retaining everything above a certain diameter. This is very effective if you are looking to just add a safety net in your drinking water. For example, cautious household owners subject incoming water from the pumping station that is already declared to be potable, through one-stage portable water filters to remove particles that could have been added to the water during the pumping and transport process. These types retail for under $40 and are generally adequate in cases like these.

Two-stage portable water filters will have an added filtering step by using activated charcoal for adsorption. Activated carbon is basically fine carbon granules with a very high surface area where many compounds, toxic and otherwise, and even bacteria and protozoa contaminants that lead to nasty diseases like cholera and dysentery, are filtered and screened. Activated carbon will serve to enhance the work of ceramic filter ensuring that your water is more than sufficient for drinking purposes but they should not be used as primary mechanisms in portable water filters. They work best when the complement an already existing filtration method such as in ceramic filters.

Three-staged portable water filters use a combination of ceramic filters, activated carbon, and a hand-pump mechanism which uses vacuum to force water through filters in a process that is similar to reverse osmosis. Water has natural flowing tendencies depending on its concentration; using a hand-pump can allow you to dictate the flow of water so it can pass through tiny filters and leave behind contaminants that can lead to diseases. This will ensure that you’re only getting the best quality possible out of the available water even if you are out on the road and far from civilization.

Portable water filters are handy and important so you will never have to drink “dirty” water again. Get one now so you can protect yourself and your family from the hazards of water-borne disease vectors. They can actually save lives during a disaster that has cut off a clean water supply. Every family should have a few in their family emergency kit.

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