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Portable Water Purifiers

Clean water for drinking is necessary for sustaining life. Water can be contaminated by a number of different pollutants such as heavy metals like lead and copper, chemicals containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dirt and other particles, and biological contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Some of the contaminants, such as chlorine, may not be harmful to humans but may give the water an unpleasant taste. It is therefore important to purify drinking water to make it safe for drinking. An excellent way to purify water is by using portable water purifiers.

Portable water purifiers or purification devices are very similar to other types of water purification devices. The only difference is that the portable water purification devices can be carried with you anywhere you go. These devices are made in such a way as to make them light, compact and easy to carry. These devices come in the form of water purification bottles, portable water filters and water purification cups. The devices however work the same as their non-portable counterparts.

Portable water purifiers will purify the water by filtration (with a ceramic filter, iron reduction filter or a granular activated carbon filter), distillation, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification. Some of the water purification devices will make use of more than one water purification method such as filtering and distillation. The type of water purification device you need will depend on the contaminants that are most likely to be found in the water that you will be drinking.

For example, contaminants such as fluoride, copper, giardia and cryptosporidium (all of which cause gastrointestinal disorders), zinc, uranium and nitrate can be gotten rid of by using reverse osmosis. Bacterial contaminants such as E.coli and coliform can be removed by using ultra violet purification while chlorine and VOCs can be removed using an activated carbon filter.

Portable water purifiers also include water purification iodine tablets, water purification chlorine tablets and liquids, UV sterilizing pens and water purification straws. Water purification tablets purify water by disinfection and a very popular portable water purifier method as they are very easy to carry. Iodine and chlorine are effective against a majority of contaminants that will be found in fresh water sources and are therefore a popular option for hiker and backpackers.

It is also possible to make a homemade water purification device. These homemade filters can be made wherever you are using available materials such as a piece of cloth, charcoal or grass. Of course this won’t work as well but will at least get rid of some contaminants.

Even though portable water purifiers are more commonly used during travel such as hiking, camping and hunting in remote areas, they can also be used during emergency situations when clean, safe drinking water is not assured.