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Potable Water Tanks

In survival situations, you will need to have a water supply safely stored away to cater to all your drinking needs. While there are many ways of treating sourced water to make it safe for consumption, having a potable water tank may help you store your water safely for long term use in case you need to wait till help arrives.

Potable water tanks come in varying shapes and sizes. Some are more suited for survival situations while others are best suited for everyday use. For instance, you will find that the collapsing water tanks are well suited for demanding climates and survival situations involving large groups of people such as families. These potable water tanks have large storage capabilities as well as flexible designs to suit almost any climate. On the other hand, you may find that the personal 10 liter potable water tanks are much easier and convenient to handle if you are only catering to your own personal water needs.

When deciding which potable water tank is best suited for your particular use, you will need to factor in the number of people that you expect the tank will need to provide for. Moreover, you will need to see that the tank in question fits into your budget

. The average person takes about a gallon of water each day. When stocking up on emergency supplies such as potable water tanks, you should choose a tank that can store enough water to last at least 3 or 4 days. In special circumstances, you may also have to factor in the special needs of any sick or elderly people or small children that you will be catering to at the time as they will need extra water. As such, larger potable water tanks may be of greater use to you if you expect to store away enough water for yourself and your family.

Water purification is a subject that needs to be discussed along with potable water tank selection. While a number of tank manufacturers are incorporating the very latest in technology to make potable water tanks which provide clean, safe drinking water, you are advised never to assume that the water is actually safe. Always take precautions to filter and, if possible, boil the water before drinking it. If boiling is not possible, then try to chemically treat it.

Boiling is the most efficient water purification method available. However, unless you have a source of fuel and a suitable container in your emergency supplies, boiling may not be the best purification method to use. Filtration, on the other hand, is quite effective. When combined with chemical treatment, it helps ensure that your water is safe for drinking. You can purchase portable water filters to go with your potable water tanks. A number of the filter units presently available are chemically treated. As such, you won't need to disinfect the water after you filter it.

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