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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Facts Concerning Purifying Sea Water

Seawater is the most abundant form of water in the world and yet you may as well not have any if you are looking for drinking water sources. The extraordinarily high concentration of salt in seawater – about a quarter of a pound for every gallon of seawater – is more than enough to kill you shortly after ingesting it in huge quantities. Under no circumstance should anyone drink seawater in its current form; instead purifying sea water, especially in times of emergency, has to be the main priority so it can be transformed from just another useless water source to a valuable source of drinking water.

The simplest form of purifying sea water is by distillation. A typical distillation setup consists of boiling a pan of sea water and collecting the evaporated gas via a series of tubes and then condensing them accordingly. Having sufficient fuel is one of the more challenging considerations for purifying sea water in emergency conditions but if you have any, you should be able to transform any body of salty water into drinking water that is safe and refreshing.

Of course, the shortage of fuels and the low yield of distillation as a method of purifying sea water means it is not the most practical solution available. Instead, there are hand-operated pumps available on the market that functions as effective desalination units for purifying sea water.

Desalination devices use the concept of reverse osmosis to separate the water from the salt. To do this, the pump acts on the water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane that allows the passage of water but retains salt crystals on the other side. In commercial applications, purifying sea water through desalination via reverse osmosis is one of the more widely accepted and used methods. In emergency situations, lower yields can still be achieved by using hand pumps such as the “Survivor” marketed by Recovery Engineering. The smallest units weigh a meager 2.5 pounds and are easily transportable in any situation or can be packed in an emergency kit for easy use when needed. This model can produce up to 1 liter of water per hour of use and should be sufficient in temporary survival conditions when the only source of drinking water is sea water.

There are many models of small pump-like devices that can be used in purifying sea water. Depending on the price and the volume of water needed, some devices can produce up to 60 gallons of water a day and some are even solar-powered to dispense with the excessive hand motion or packing extra batteries. These devices are definitely must-haves in anyone’s emergency kit.

Check out the markets nearest you for the most practically sea water purification equipment available. Always be a step ahead of any emergency and learn to be ready with any and all challenges beginning with the purification of sea water for drinking purposes.

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