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If you are looking to minimize your water consumption from the municipal line, rain water collection tanks could be the best solution to your problems. If you think about it, rain is a free resource and in some parts of the world, it is actually abundant enough to supply a good fraction if not all of household water needs. With rain water storage tanks you can cut water costs, recycle rain water, and be self-sustaining for those rare moments when you cannot depend on the municipal water line to deliver the quality and quantity of water that you need. Rain water collection tanks can be life savers during a disaster or emergency situation.

So what do you need to consider if you want to put up rain water collection tanks at your home? Think of the following potential options:

· The most obvious is actually to buy commercially designed tanks from recognized suppliers. In these designs, even the rain water collecting system is also checked to ensure maximum rain water storage during the rainy months. Unfortunately, this system is relatively expensive so you might need to do some calculations to determine if the savings in water consumption from the municipal line can compensate for the new expense when buying rain water storage tanks.

· As an alternative, it does not take much to design your own system and put up a tank. There are main types of recycled tanks and barrels which can easily be setup using existing rain water collection system. The addition of a small gutter to funnel the water from the roof into the tank is a job that can easily be done on a weekend. Rain water collected in this manner can be used to water lawns, gardens or other similar applications.

Another alternative use that is fast gaining popularity is using rain water collection tanks for contingency purposes during an emergency. As usual, the tanks are setup as is but the collected water might eventually be used for drinking purposes during a natural disaster when supply from public utility companies is compromised.

In these applications, rain water collection tanks will require accompanying water purification or filtration unit to make sure the rain water is drinkable. In fact, there are several commercial installations designed in this manner. In other cases, even normal household water treatment options can also be used to make sure the water is drinkable.

Consider boiling, simple and portable filtration devices, chlorine or iodine treatment tablets and similar methods to make the water suitable for drinking applications. Using these methods, you only need to spend for the tank and collecting systems while still being able to use the water for drinking purposes.

For certain, rain water storage tanks are a welcome addition to any home. These are definite cost savers, and offer a sense of security when common water sources are not available. With a ready stock of water in your rain water collection tanks, you are definitely prepared for anything that comes along.