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The Recommended Water Intake: How much is Enough?

We all know that water is essential to our health. However, the amount of water required varies according to the individual's needs. There is no simple formula that fits everyone and the recommended water intake is more of an approximation to ensure that your body remains hydrated at all times.

The body is made up of about 60 -70% water. The systems responsible for ensuring that the body functions properly all rely on the presence of water to function. For instance, water is responsible for flushing toxins from the body. Moreover, the presence of water is an essential requirement in ensuring that the delicate tissues of the nose, the ear as well as the throat are properly hydrated.

Failure to take water leaves the body dehydrated. When the body is dehydrated even slightly, the end result is loss of energy as one tends to feel drained and lazy.

So exactly what is the recommended water intake that you should maintain to ensure that your body is well hydrated? How does this recommended water intake amount vary? What are the factors that will determine how much water you should take?

Studies by researchers reveal that on average, men should take about three liters of water. For women, the recommended water intake should be about 2.2 liters. As there are different sources of water, it would be more accurate to say fluids instead of water. You may get the recommended amount from juices or foods that contain water.

As stated earlier, the recommended water intake will vary according to individualistic needs. These needs are often determined by various factors such one's health, the physical activities that they may engage in as well as where they live. The body loses water through a number of ways including perspiration, bowel movements as well as breathing. Persons who live in hot climates will generally need to drink more water due to loss of increased amounts of water through these processes. Moreover, persons who engage in regular intensive physical activities such as exercise will need to take more water than the recommended amounts. Individuals who have a higher BMR will also need to take more water than the recommended amount.

There are many forums where you will see the "8 by 8" rule. The rule which states that the recommended water intake amount should be 8 glasses of water each day is commonly accepted although the recommended amount may be higher than what this states. Moreover, researchers believe it to be an urban myth as it has no sound scientific basis. Either way, taking at least than 8 glasses of water each day which amounts to about 2.2 liters of water will help keep your body hydrated. Also remember that all fluids (not just water) will contribute to the total amount you take in a day.

Though our website is more concerned with emergency water purification we thought we would add this article about recommended water intake so readers could see exactly how much water they should be drinking to stay healthy in an emergency situation and prepare for it.