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Looking At Solutions To Water Shortages

Water is a vital requirement for human survival. We can survive for almost a month without eating food, but without water in just days we will die.

Due to the damage to the environment and the natural balance of the ecosystem, the damage to the ozone layer and so-called “global warming” and “greenhouse effect”, the earth and its inhabitants are experiencing too much heat. This extreme heat can cause water shortages. Here are some solutions to water shortages that we can do in our community and even in our household.

1 - Use water saver nozzles when taking a shower and when you finish get out regardless of how great it feels.
2 - When brushing your teeth, do not leave the faucet open. Instead, use a glass for rinsing your mouth and toothbrush.
3 - Do water recycling. The water that you used in washing the dishes, you can use for watering the plants.
4 - When it rains, use large containers or drums to collect the rainwater. You can later use it for watering the yard and many other chores. When you do water the yard do it at night.
5 - If you can afford it buy water saving devices such as toilets that use less water to flush.
6 - Don't wash the clothes until you have a full load.

There are also solutions to water shortages by using technology. Desalination is the process of removing the salt and other impurities from water that’s preventing it from being potable. By using this method, we can use the saltwater coming from seas and oceans. We all know that three quarters of the world is covered with oceans and seas. Unfortunately at the present time technology has not found a way to do this in an economic manner. However, it can be done with small homemade units during an emergency.

Another solution to water shortages is water treatment plants. Here, used water is being recycled. The water will undergo a process of filtering and adding small amounts of safe chemicals that will make it once again safe for consumption.

The whole world is experiencing a crisis concerning an increasing supply of clean and potable water. We need to help each other and be a part of the activities and ways available for solving the problem.

Many solutions to water shortages should be implemented by the national government. Vote for candidates that advocate green living. However, in your own household you can practice some of the solutions stated above to help conserve water. This needs to be a worldwide effort for the benefit of our future and for the future of generations to come.

Though our website concentrates more on how to provide water during an emergency, we thought this article on solutions to water shortages might be of interest to our readers.