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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Importance of a Survival Water Filter

If you are out backpacking, camping or hiking and find yourself in an emergency situation, you will probably have to fend for yourself until help arrives. Having the right supplies is essential if one is to survive in such conditions. Moreover, having the right information on how to improvise with what one has is even more crucial than having the right supplies. One of the most essential supplies that one will require when out in the wild is a survival water filter.

The importance of a survival water filter cannot be overstated. The body relies on clean water to function properly. Taking chances and drinking unpurified water can be rather risky and leave one open to opportunistic disease if one’s immune system is compromised. If this occurs one has only made a bad situation worse.

There are many forms of purification available that one can resort to when out in the wild. However, popular methods such as boiling and chemical treatment tend to be ineffective as boiling takes a source of heat to purify the water, while chemical treatment may not kill all unhealthy microorganisms that may be present in contaminated water. Moreover, chemical treatment tends to leave a metallic taste in one’s mouth.

Thus, having a survival water filter is probably the best practical option that one can opt for. There are many forms of water filters available on the market. Choosing the right survival water filter for your use is essential and will largely depend on the amount of water you intend to filter. Backpacking is generally a strenuous activity and you may find yourself drinking more water than you are used to. Fortunately there are a large number of the survival filters available on the market which are compact and have long life spans.

While the initial cost of survival water filters may be a little on the steep end of one’s budget, their long lifespan ensures that one will not have to buy another one for quite a long time. In fact, some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their water filters. Generally, if you clean your filter regularly and ensure that it is properly maintained, it will give you many years of service.

As mentioned earlier, having a survival filter is a key requirement when one is outdoors and away from civilization. However, there may be emergency situations where one does not have an emergency survival filter at hand to rely on for their water purification needs. In such cases, having the basic knowledge on how to create an emergency water filter from basic materials such as clothing and surrounding natural materials could prove crucial to one’s survival. While the basic survival water filter made in an emergency situation may only filter out solid particles from one’s water supply, the filter could prove useful in filtering out any harmful material present within the solid particles. If you would like to learn more about how to make an emergency water filter check out some of our other articles.