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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Survival water filters are something very few people even know about. This is very unfortunate since there could be a time in the future when it could mean the difference between life and death.

Most of us who live in the U.S. or other countries who have a large supply of water that flows straight into our homes with the twist of a handle, take this life sustaining liquid for granted. However, disasters can strike at anytime and at any place and this seemingly unending supply of liquid life could come to an abrupt halt.

Have you ever considered what would happen if one day you turned on your water faucet and nothing happened because of a catastrophe such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or any number of other natural disasters? What if you then found out the supply was not going to be returned for days or even weeks? Do you realize what kind of effect this would have on your life as well as your family's?

History and the things that have occurred during the aftermath of natural disasters has shown time and again when it comes to survival, whole populations can become very aggressive and physically fight over things that are needed to sustain life. This is especially true of water.

Though water is taken for granted by most, it is something none of us can live without. This includes all living things. All animals and plants must have a steady supply of water to survive. The human body needs even more – it needs water that is free of contaminates that can make us very ill or even cause death.

Most of us already know the body can live for weeks without food as long as it has potable water to drink. However, this same body can not live more than a few days if their is no water available or the water is so contaminated that it would create an even worse scenario to drink it. This is where survival water filters come in.

In most areas of almost any country (though there are exceptions) even if the water supply is cut off there are water sources nearby such as lakes, rivers or ponds. However, these bodies of water can be very dangerous to drink if they have not been purified. The reason for this is in a situation where safe water is unavailable, any individual who becomes ill with stomach viruses or any other disease that creates liquid body loss, are then in an even more life threatening position. The loss liquids must be replaced quickly or they will dehydrate.

Because of all of the above reasons, this writer strongly suggests that the reader learns about survival water filters or some other form of water purification system. If you are not going to do this you should at least be sure and keep a three or four day supply of emergency water always available. This can be in the form of water pouches you can buy or professionally bottled water.

Our site has a large number of articles you can read about emergency water purification and sources. Survival water filters are just one of a number of ways to insure you and your family are prepared for any catastrophe.