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Purification of Water In An Emergency

If you or your family are ever faced with a disaster situation where your water supply has been cut off or compromised by contaminates, one piece of knowledge that could mean the difference between life and death is survival water purification methods.

There have been situations where individuals have been known to live for many weeks without food. However, this is not the case with water. Even under the best of conditions a person would be very lucky if they survived for more than a week without water. If they are in either very cold conditions or very hot conditions the number of days of survival can quickly be shorted.

One problem that occurs in many cases is because of the fact they are so thirsty and their body is in such dire need of water many individuals find themselves drinking water that is full of contaminates. This contaminates can cause a wide range of serious illnesses including typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery and even cholera. If one of these illnesses occur the rapid loss of body fluids which come with them will make matters worse and drastically reduce the survival period. Because of this it is better to not drink any water that is possibly contaminated if you feel a supply of clean water is forthcoming in the near future.

In an emergency situation it is always very beneficial to know something about and have some survival skills. Because of the necessity for potable drinking water to live for even a short period of time, one of the most important of survival tips is the knowledge of at least a few survival water purification techniques.

There are ways to make contaminated water safer to drink. Of course one of the best and easiest of these is by boiling. If you have a way to build a fire or use of a way to heat liquids you can turn unsafe water into at least reasonably safe water. All that is needed is to bring the water to a boil for a period of 10 minutes and let it cool. The water will taste very flat but you can improve this by pouring the water back and forth between two containers to add oxygen to the water to restore a more natural flavor.

In most cases those in a disaster situation can find or create a way to heat liquids. However, is this option is not available there are other ways to purify water. One of these is through chlorination. If you are near an area that has homes or businesses you will probably have no problem finding a bottle of unscented chlorine bleach. With the right knowledge this bleach can make bacteria filled water safe to drink.

Observation of odors and colors will also determine what type of water treatment is needed. Water analysis should be done if your water has an odor of rotten eggs, musty moldy odor, or laundry shows red, black, or brown stains. All water tests and analyses should be compared with the safe levels and standards of the EPA and your state's drinking water regulations for contaminants that may exceed public safety standards. It is at this point you will need to determine the appropriate treatment.

When using chlorine bleach to purify water all you need to do is add 3 to 4 drops to every quart of water and let it stand for around 15 minutes. At the end of this period if the water doesn't have a slight smell of chlorine the process should be repeated. Once again you can pass the water back and forth between two containers to improve the flavor.

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You may want to consider keeping a good brand of water filter on hand in case of a disaster situation.