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Survival Without Water from a Safe Water Supply

When faced with a survival situation, you may find yourself having to do without most of the common luxuries. Moreover, in dire circumstances you may also have to survive without water, food and other basic necessities. Thus, one of the most common questions asked is whether or not survival without water is possible, and if it is how much time do you have before your body will start shutting down.

Survival without water is actually possible for a few days though the duration in which one can survive tends to vary from one individual to the next and according to the circumstances. Unlike food which you are able to live without for weeks, the general duration of time for which one can expect to survive without water is only about three to four days.

The main reason why survival without water is near impossible is because water is the second most import nutrient that our body requires, with the first being oxygen. The human body is composed mainly of water. Moreover, the body loses water constantly through physical exertion and other normal body processes such as sweating and respiration. As such, one needs to regularly take in water so as to replenish the lost water in order to keep the organs functioning.

To most people survival without water is taken to mean survival without clean and safe drinking water. In that case, survival without water is very possible if one has had the right survival training or has read about the different techniques of emergency water purification.

Any emergency situation will require one to source water from wherever it is available. However, it is highly likely that the water may be contaminated with disease causing microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa. Thus, there is a need for one to know which emergency water purification methods to turn to when such a situation arises.

The main emergency purification methods for survival situations include filtration, chemical treatment and boiling. Filtration is by far the easiest and most convenient purification technique that one can use when faced with an emergency situation. Besides using a portable filter that has been chemically treated to purify one’s water, one can also make a makeshift filter to filter water in the case of dire situations. It is easy to find instuctions on how to make one.

Chemical treatment would only be applicable for survival situations if one has the right chemicals to treat the water. While it may not be the most effective method for purifying water, it is certainly very useful in most emegency situations. However, boiling is the most effective purification method to ensure one’s survival without water from a clean source. The drawback is the method can be quite cumbersome as it requires one to have a fuel source as well as a container in which to boil the water.

If you are fortunate to have more than one purification method available all the better. For instance, if you run possibly contaminated water through a filter and then boil it or add the correct chemicals as well, your chances of the water being perfectly safe is largely increased.

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