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Water And Survival

There is no arguing that water for survival is one of the most important resources you can ever hope to have in an emergency situation. A rule of thumb used by survival experts is this: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. In some extent, that statement is correct in that water for survival can be postponed for up to 3 days but to be honest, you already start feeling the gripping effects of dehydration after a day without water. This means water and survival are two words that go together.

So what do you do to ensure that water for survival is an ever present resource regardless of your situation? Consider the following tips and recommendations concerning water and survival:

1. With the unpredictability of disasters and accidents left and right, you must always have a ready emergency water supply in the home. A good way to do this is to fill containers with water and store them in a safe place. According to calculations, you should be able to provide 1 gallon of drinking water for every person in the household for everyday that you expect to be cut off from a reliable water source.

2. Aside from having a stable water source in the household, it also helps to learn the necessary skills to purify water in the household. These include filtration, boiling, and/or mixing with chemicals to kill potential contaminants. You can purchase portable filters from a local hardware store as a back-up and also include chlorine tablets to disinfect the water.

3. Since water and survival go hand in hand, it is also useful to be able to know how to make an emergency water filtration or purification system with common household items. The principles in play include distillation and filtration. There are countless resources on the internet that you can print ahead of time or study and learn in your spare time so you are equipped to handle emergency scenarios requiring water for survival.

You always need to remember that water has a lot of potential contaminants that you should be mindful of eliminating to preserve the drinkability of your water source. The most obvious are dirt and particulate contaminants. These cause the water to appear dirty, opaque and turbid.

Even after particulate contaminants are removed, you can have invisible bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious illnesses like diarrhea. In cases of floods when normal water sources are contaminated, you will need to boil the water and filter it through a portable micro-filter to ensure that all bacterial contaminants are killed off. With water and survival you can never be too safe with when removing bacterial contamination as these can easily render you invalid or fatally ill at a time when getting to the hospital might be an impossible proposition.

Do not take chances with your water and survival supplies; rather, take the necessary steps to ensure water for survival is readily available in your household at all times. Remember the mantra: 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. Safe water can make all the difference between survival or disaster.

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