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In a disaster or emergency people will most assuredly need food and water for survival. However, it is true to say that clean, safe drinking water is more important than food. This is because people can go for several weeks without eating food but are unlikely to last more than a few days without safe drinking water.

The main reason for the importance of water for survival is that water is crucial for several body processes such as respiration and circulation. Lack of water in the body will lead to dehydration. Dehydration is life threatening as one of its results is to make human blood very thick (blood is made up of a high percentage of water). Thick blood is very hard to pump so the heart has to pump harder to circulate the blood in the body. This will tire the heart very quickly and a person can go into cardiac arrest. Dehydration also causes loss of mental acuity, heat stroke, physical exhaustion and ultimately death.

Water for survival is not only drinking water but also water for other reasons such as cooking and hygiene. It is recommended to store water in the house for emergencies. The amount of water recommended per person per day is at least a gallon. It is also advised to store at a minimum, a three day’s supply of water for survival. However, it is better to store more, possibly a two week supply, if you can.

The requirement for daily water for survival will vary depending on the circumstances of the particular family. For example, teenagers will require more water than other people because they tend to be very active. This should be taken into account when storing water for survival. Special considerations will also be necessary where infants or the aged and infirm are concerned. Another consideration is climate. If you are in a very hot area you will need more water because of the water lost in sweat.

In some situations, a disaster may occur and find one totally unprepared and therefore a family finds themselves in a situation where they lack water for survival. Such a situation will require some creativity and quick thinking. There are several unlikely sources for water for survival in the house. One such source is the hot water heater. This is a good source because it is most likely a substantial source and the water is likely to be free of contaminants. However, this should not be assumed and some water purification is a good idea. Another unlikely source is the toilet cistern because the water goes into the cistern from the main water source and therefore it should be safe. Do not use the water from the bowl.

It be totally prepared when it come to having water for survival it is best to buy some water purification tablets and some type of filters. Then if the need arises and you do not have sufficient water stored you can purify water found in local sources.

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