Water is Essential for Life

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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Water is Essential for Life

One of the greatest truths known to man is that water is essential for life. This statement continues to “hold water” today just as it did many years and centuries ago. Centuries and millennia back, civilizations built their cities around famous waterways like the Nile in Egypt, the Ganges in Mesopotamia, the Yangtze in China and the Mekong in the Malayan peninsula. Today, in a less conspicuous but equally important feat, water ranks as perhaps the most important commodity in times of emergency and people dedicate a lot of time to preparing their water supply in case a disaster strikes.

A famous survival quote says that one can live without air for 3 minutes, without water for 3 days and without food for 3 weeks. Undoubtedly, this is the most direct interpretation of the statement “water is essential to life” in modern times. As such, today’s survival methods are focused on providing a reliable source of water to families in the event of a disaster. Among the options being relied on to achieve this include:

• Pre-storage of potable water to ensure availability whenever needed - Some families prefer to put their emergency water supply in containers and stocked in a cool, dry place away from the dangers of a disaster. In the case of flood-prone areas, water is stored in a higher floor of the house; in case of tornadoes which can damage main water lines, water is stored in the basement.

Not surprisingly, there are also very strict guidelines for calculating the minimum volume of water to be stored. In the case of potable water, it should not be less than one galloon per person per day the water supply is out. For other necessities such as washing and bathroom needs, separate water storage must be provided.

• Availability of water purification equipment to render dirty water as potable - In many disasters, the supply of water does not completely go out but only clean, potable water. Today, there are plenty of methods and equipment that can be used to purify water. These can range from sophisticated purification installations consisting of a series of filters, to hand-pump filters, addition of compounds to kill bacterial and microbial contaminants, and even simply boiling. There are also other known methods used to purify water such as an old-fashioned solar still but these can produce very limited amounts of water that will most likely never suffice for a family of average size.

Whether in the modern times or in the past, the role of water in society and towards survival has not changed. Water is essential for life regardless of the era and time and as such will continue to command a very high premium in all situations.

So take care of your water needs today in order to not fall victim to any catastrophe involving the loss of a reliable water supply. Remember it is true that water is essential for life, and you will know how much attention you need to put into securing your water supply for those times of emergency.