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What Is The Water Pollution Solution?

Water pollution in the world is a prime example of human disrespect. The biggest contributors are industrial, commercial, agricultural, and municipal - all human related. While teams of people are trying to achieve the water pollution solution, just as many, if not more are adding to the problem by the minute. There are many reasons why our water is becoming more polluted on a daily basis.

Municipal pollutants such as storm water overflow, sewage disposal systems, and other municipal facilities such as airports are required to obtain federal discharge permits to dispose of the waste in a legal manner. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Agricultural pollutants include animal waste and are disposed of via stream or creek, as are pesticides and other chemicals. These facts alone should definitely contribute to the world thinking more about the water pollution solution and dealing with it.

Industrial waste includes toxic and other hazardous chemicals that are frequently dumped into rivers and waterways. At times these hazardous materials are buried, but over a period of time find their way to underground water supplies.

Natural water pollutants including disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes can also add to the water pollution problem, but these are things we cannot control.

The list of water pollutant materials is endless. It should only be fair that humans, as the main contributors to the problem also strive to become part of the water pollution solution cure.

Despite the strict laws regarding clean water protection, regrettably people are not anxious to abide by them. Getting away with polluting the water is in many instances on going because the laws are not enforced, and more and more lakes and rivers are being tagged as unsafe for swimming.

Many of us are guilty in one way or another with polluting the water, even though quite unconsciously. For instance, pouring grease and other waste down the sink can greatly contribute to the problem by the sheer amount of people who do it. Keep used cooking oil in a container and take it to the appropriate disposal place. Chemicals down the toilet do not just clean the toilet. they clean the fish and environment too. Add the detergent from the washing machine - bubble, bubble toil and trouble - and other little ‘insignificant’ pollutants and it all adds up to a giant pollution problem that needs a water pollution solution..

If we, as respectful humans, each did a small part such as being careful about what we throw into or around our lakes and streams and down the toilet, it would add up to a big contribution.

Oil spills are a deadly water pollutant, killing many species of plant and marine life - but they continue to happen. With all the technology and brainpower, there must be a way to control this so that these careless and sometimes intentional incidents no longer happen.

The water pollution solution isn’t going to happen in the very near future. Unfortunately it isn’t a priority in many peoples’ lives. As we go about our daily chores, few of us are thinking about the cleaner in the toilet or the animal waste in the river. This is sad when there are natural cleaners available for the toilet and the animal waste could be used as natural fertilizer.

Though our website concerns itself mainly with the purification of water in an emergency situation, we do have a wealth of other articles pertaining to water in general and the important role it plays in our lives - without clean and potable drinking water the human race would soon become extinct. Hopefully this article on the water pollution solution has been interesting.

If you are serious about being part of the water pollution solution, get involved locally or even nationally in joining or starting groups to fight the problem and voting for politians who are of the same mind.