Water Purification Emergency

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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Water Purification Emergency

One of the most important resources in times of disaster is water. This is why packing water purification emergency kits, or at least being aware of how to get clean water during these hard times, is doubly necessary. There is no downplaying how we all depend on water for survival. Without food, a man can last for a few weeks; without water, he will barely make it in 3 days.

To understand the level of water purification emergency necessary in any household, it would help to look at what the usual disasters are that can potentially cripple your water supply. Of course, there is no way one can plan for any and all, but at least putting the typical suspects in perspective can help you realize how much you need to be prepared, and on what level of preparedness you need to be in.

Floods. These are fairly common when the summer and rainy months come along. In many areas around the world, hurricanes, typhoons and summer thunderstorms bring catastrophic floods that pollute and destroy the water supply. Contaminated water is a vector for diseases and must be avoided at all cost.

Tornados. While momentary and short-lived, tornados pack a punch that can level an entire town, much less a water supply pumping station, purifying plant, or dislodge pipes causing termination of water services.

Earthquakes. The violence behind an earthquake can essentially render a country powerless on many levels. In 2011, Japan witnessed one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern times, easily leading to one of the most dire situations for water purification emergency. Earthquakes can also span tsunamis, catastrophic nuclear reactor meltdowns, and many other emergencies which can paralyze the water supply.

Man-made Catastrophes – Though it happens in other parts of the world most of the U.S. population feels safe from foreign attacks. However, the past has shown it is not an impossibility.

Where possible, households should have sufficient means to purify open water sources to make it drinkable. These can be achieved by household water purification emergency installations which can be commissioned from a suitable supplier and installed quickly and efficiently. These systems can more than adequately supply the needs of household – and even a few other houses in the block – but require backup power to run. Thus, proper planning must be followed in order to ensure the success of the installation.

Likewise, there are several water purification emergency techniques that can be adopted to produce small volumes of water in dire situations. Among these are boiling the water, using clothing filters to eliminate the suspended solids, and even purchasing hand-operated water filters to render open water sources like those from rivers, lakes, or rainwater drinkable.

The key is to be prepared for situations that require one to think of ways for a water purification emergency. Remember: never take your water supply for granted. It is a vital lifeline that needs to be properly cared for in order to have a steady source of life-giving water regardless of the situation.