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Potable water during an emergency may become a very scarce resource. It therefore becomes necessary to purify your drinking water. There are several different methods for purifying drinking water, each with its own water purification products. The water purification methods include filtering, distillation, boiling, reverse osmosis, deionization, disinfection and chlorination. The simplest method of water purification is boiling and it can be done without having to purchase any water purification products. Boiling is also something easily done at home. However it must be remember during an emergency situation there is not always electricity or gas to use this method.The type and size of water purification products to be bought will depend on whether the purification is to be done on a small scale for home use or on an industrial scale.

Chlorination is also a water purification method that can easily be done at home with products regularly found in the house, such as household bleach. However, you can buy chlorine for disinfecting water in tablet form. Other water purification products found in tablet form are potassium and iodine.

Still another method of water disinfection is ultra violet disinfection. This method uses UV light to disinfect the water. UV disinfection water purification products come in an array of types but all have the UV light source inside a protective cover. UV disinfection is a popular method because it is kind to the environment. Water disinfection as a water purification is good as it gets rid of microbiological organisms that contaminate water.

Water can also be purified by the method of filtration. Filtration is commonly done after another water purification method such as boiling or disinfection with potassium, iodine or chlorine. This is because disinfection with these chemicals may leave a chemical residue which can easily be filtered out. Water filters are probably the most common water purification products. They come in different types such as water filters mounted on faucets, counter top water filters, under the counter water filters and shower head water filters to name a few. Water filters for home use can be portable, and they are usually small filters, or can be whole home water filtration systems.

Reverse osmosis systems are also water filtration methods. These water purification products incorporate a semi-porous membrane that acts a filter. It works by not allowing contaminant molecules larger in size than water molecules to pass through the membrane. The semi-porous membrane in some of these water purification products come with an electric charge which is useful in sifting some of the chemicals. Some also come with an automatic membrane cleaner to avoid clogging up of the membrane with impurities found in the water. Water ionization is also a filtration method. The difference with this type of filtration method is that water ionizers come with an activated carbon filter.

Distillation is another water purification method. It is said to be one of the most effective water purification methods because it is capable of getting rid of both harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa and other contaminants such as herbicides, mercury and lead. It is a good idea to use a distiller after another method of water purification such as filtration has been carried out. This is because most distillers are not meant to be used to purify muddy water.

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