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Purification of Water In An Emergency

Water Purification Supplies

Whether you are out preparing for an outdoor adventure or packing an emergency disaster kit, having a complete set of water purification supplies is essential to ensure survivability and convenience. One can never be too prepared when it comes to water supply. As such, keeping track of all the necessary water purification supplies is paramount in order to not run out of potable water regardless of the situation that you are in.

Here is a basic list of the most critical water purification supplies that you need to pack for security purposes:

§ A portable cooking kit. This is used by mountaineers to purify water in open natural sources. Boiling kills all the bacteria in the water supply and is perhaps the most effective disinfectant available. Whether you are packing a disaster kit or a camping pack, you will need a portable cooking kit complete with a stove, butane-powered fuel canisters, and small cooking pans to make sure you have access to clean water.

§ Portable water filters. There are plenty of portable water filters on sale in hardware stores. The ideal filter comes packaged with a hand-pump that forces the water through the filter pores, entrap the contaminants, and produce clean, potable water. These types of filters work whether you are out in the open or trapped at home and waiting out a disaster. Another type does not come with a hand pump but can be plugged to the tap to screen the incoming water. This filter works well if you expect the main line to continue functioning but fear that any disaster has introduced contaminants to the line. The most critical concern for this type of scenario involves floods where silted water can seep into the supply and will have to be filtered further prior to household use.

§ Disinfectants. Other types of water purification supplies include disinfectants to kill off bacterial contamination. The simplest form is activated charcoal. Commercial forms include chlorine and iodine tablets. In the absence of any other form of disinfectant, household bleach can be used when proportioned properly with the water to be purified.

§ Auxiliaries. An oftentimes overlooked component in water purification supplies is the storage vessel for the purified water. It is foolish to assume that water supply to be purified will always be available. Water sources will come and go depending on the conditions. As much water as possible should be purified while there is available supply, and then stored in clean water vessels for later use. Failure to plan for proper water storage can render all other water purification supplies useless.

It’s not hard to see why water purification supplies are oftentimes taken for granted when planning for emergencies. Water is almost a ubiquitous resource until that time when it is absent. That’s when we truly realize its importance. Any household looking to be prepared for any untoward circumstance should put water purification supplies as one of its top priorities. By taking care of your water needs in advance, you are giving yourself one less thing to worry in case a disaster strikes without warning.