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Water Purification Survival Facts

You cannot underestimate the value of water purification survival. A well-repeated tenet from a survival expert says “three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food!” Next to air, water is our most precious resource and it can mean the difference between survival and a whole lot of pain during an emergency.

Thankfully, there are many established methods of water purification survival and even more tools sold commercially to help you and your family get through a disaster. By learning these tricks and buying some water purification survival gear, you can stand pat and wait for the chaos to die down as you plan your next move after an emergency.

Remember the following important points for water purification survival because these might come in handy if you ever find yourself and your family in an emergency situation where your safe water is no longer available.

· There are three facets of water safety that you need to think of. These are particulate, chemical and biological contaminants. Unfortunately, chemical contamination like arsenic or organic pollutants are the most difficult to treat without a handy filter or purification kit. As such, always keep a portable filter in the house in a secure location and use it to screen and treat water coming into your house during an emergency.

· Filters are the best against particulate contamination. You can also give it time to rest so that suspended solids settle to the bottom. At the worst case, you can use a cotton cloth in the household, add some sand to it as a second filtration layer, and let water pass through before drinking. This will remove 90% of suspended particulate contaminants from the water.

· For biological contaminants, portable filters are also useful. Still, if you do not have a portable filter, you can use chlorine or iodine tablets sold at nearby drugstores to kill the bacteria. Even ordinary household bleach, in the right amounts, can be added to the water to kill microorganisms.

· You can also boil the water to disinfect it.

· In some cases, you might not have water purification survival tools at your ready disposal. For this, you can pre-stock water in the house. Place the water in sturdy plastic containers and store in a cool dry place away from areas that easily get flooded. A good rule of thumb is to stock one gallon per person per day that the water might be unavailable.

Water purification survival techniques are relatively easy to learn but many families just don't take time to do it. However, remember that by being prepared, you can spare yourself the inconvenience, or perhaps much worse, of a water shortage or the threat of a contaminated water supply.

In times of emergency, you can never be too sure about what happens in your surroundings and it is of utmost importance that you take water purification survival into your own hands. You can prepare a portable filter, a portable stove for boiling water, pre-store water in plastic containers, or be creative in developing your own water purification survival methods. By being aware, you can confident that you are prepared for any emergency, anytime, anywhere.

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