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A General Look At A Water Solar Still

The water solar still. Have you heard about it and how it can produce water in an emergency situation? If not, here is a little overview about how it works.

A water solar still or simply solar still is a low-tech or primitive way of distilling water. It uses the principles of the water cycle which is mainly evaporation and condensation. Evaporation is the process wherein liquids such as water turn into a gas form when heat is applied. In this process, impurities and dirt are removed from the water source. Condensation on the other hand is the process where gases turn into liquid form when cooling effects take place. In this process, it will provide clean, pure water that is safe to drink.

In a water solar still, a collection of possibly dirty or contaminated water is placed in a clear container exposing it to the heat of the sun. The sun rays are allowed to reflect from the clear plastic or glass cover passing to the water. Due to the constant heat in the water solar still, the water evaporates inside and the water vapor is trapped in the system. With the soil’s humidity and cooling effects of plastics, the gases will then in turn be turned into water droplets by condensation. These droplets will drop in a weighted collector container which will provide you with the clean water that you need.

Having water solar still knowledge is a great survival skill. This will be a great help if you are in an emergency situation where a clean water source is scarce. Although this knowledge and skill is an advantage, there are also some problems with a solar still.

Using a solar water still is not an effective technique when you are in a place where the water source is very small. The system will also depend on the environmental condition. Of course, you will need the power of the sun for the water to evaporate so it will not work without sunlight. It will also take some time for the water to evaporate and condense to its liquid form. This means there is a time factor involved and you need more than one solar still to produce much water.

There are two types of water solar stills. One is a box type and the other one is a pit type. Another larger version of this is a Water Pyramid unit, using an inflatable dome for its condensing and this unit can be used efficiently in tropical areas during the sunny season. This method is widely used in places where the electricity supply is limited. Since most water purification methods use electricity or a fossil-fueled power source, the solar still can be a great alternative in these areas.

This article has given general information on a water solar still which we hope has been helpful. If you think you would like to build a unity you can find more detailed instructions on the internet. For anyone interested, our site has a huge collection of other ways to purify water in an emergency situation.