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The Importance of Water Storage Barrels

Have you ever wondered how life would be without water? Not just running water - any water? It would be unbearable. However, in some areas people are at a loss of what to do as their pipes have literally run dry. If you are one of these people, it may be high time to invest in water storage barrels.

Water storage barrels are rather efficient means of storing water for long periods of time and have been in use since the Egyptian era. Mostly used in sub-Saharan countries as well as other countries that experience similar climate, these barrels form the main water source for days and sometimes weeks in hard times.

Water storage barrels come in all shapes and sizes. They range from an average of 10 gallons to the very large sizes of about 200 gallons. When choosing one for the home, pay close attention to the overall layout of the property. Is there space inside to hold the barrel or will you choose to place several water storage barrels outside? The common practice is to have at least one medium sized barrel in the house just incase water runs and several others outside. However, if space is limited such as in apartments, just having the one barrel may prove to be sufficient.

Choose the barrel material carefully. When dealing with metallic barrels, chances are highly likely that after a while it will rust. However, as technology advances the metallic barrels are tending to keep in good condition for longer periods of time. However, just to be safe, the plastic barrels tend to be more reliable primarily because they do not rust.

Remember that water storage barrels are meant to be used for storage. Thus they must be washed on a regular basis so avoid bad odors coming from the barrel as well as possible diseases. You would be surprised the amount of germs that thrive in stagnant water. Moreover, remember to always cover the barrel to prevent dust and other foreign objects such as insects from entering your storage barrel.

Water storage barrels form a core component in a home’s disaster plan. Having enough water to drink and treat wounds in the event of a disaster could be crucial to one surviving the ordeal. In this case, the water storage barrel should be large enough to last an average sized family for slightly over a week. It is estimated that during disasters more people die from thirst than hunger, thus having enough water stored is crucial for carrying out an effective disaster plan in the wake of a one occurring.

Water storage barrels may seem outdated, especially in this modern age of piped water. However, it is important to remember that no one knows the future. Having a water storage barrel handy may help one to cope when there are water shortages or even survive in the event of an unseen disaster.

There are also ways to make certain your water in purified and safe for drinking should a time come when you need to use it. This article is mainly concerning water storage barrels, but our website has a wealth of information on emergency water purification. If you area is prone to have disaster situations it might be a good idea to bookmark our site.