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Water Survival Gear

One of the most crucial considerations when faced with an emergency or survival situation is how you will access clean drinking water. Disasters can occur at any time and one has to be adequately prepared if they are to survive. Most people can go for weeks or even months without food. However, one can only go a few days without water or fluids. The organs need fluids to function. For this reason every family should stock or have available water survival gear.

Water is the most essential element in the human body. Every day, water is lost through numerous processes such as respiration, urination and sweating. Typically, the average person will require about a gallon of water a day to replace the lost water so as to ensure that their cells remain hydrated. The exact amount of water that you will need depends on the environment you are in, as well as the physical activity you engage in. As searching for water can be a tiring process, it is best to think ahead and get proper water survival gear to keep you hydrated throughout the emergency situation.

There are many elements which constitute water survival gear. However, the basic components of such gear include storage containers and water purification systems. Storage containers could be in the form of bottled water bought from your local convenience store or simply self-bottled water that you purified at home. As stated earlier, you need about a gallon of water for each day per person. As a rule of thumb, you should have enough water stored away for at least three or four days. However, keep in mind that help may not come within this time period so be sure to set aside some more water if your gear allows for it.

An important consideration when planning how much water to store is the number of people your water survival gear is expected to cater to. If you have a family, you will have to multiply the water supply by a factor equal to the number of people in your family. This will help you get an accurate estimate of how much water you should store away.

During emergency situations, you are advised to drink the water you require for that particular day. If you are running low on water, it is not wise to ration it. As such, you may run out of water and have to source it from nearby water sources such as rivers or lakes. With such sources, you cannot be sure whether the water is safe for drinking. Thus, you have to include water purification systems as part of your water survival gear.

While there are a number of purification systems available, it is best to use the most portable systems to prevent your gear from weighing you down in case you have to move around. As such, water filtration systems such as portable water filters are the best choice for your water survival gear.

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