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Those of us who live in countries where there are no water shortages sometimes forget their are millions of people in water poor countries dying yearly solely because they do not have access to safe drinking water. As the earth's population grows experts predict a serious world water shortage.

The earth consist of over 6 billion people but an astounding 1 billion of them live in countries where they have either very little water or much of the water they have in unsafe for drinking. Roughly 5 million people die each year because they live in an environment that has unsafe drinking water and unsanitary conditions. This number will definitely rise as the earth's population rises.

Some of the countries which are already being affected by a world water shortage are as follows:

India – India has a billion people but is projected to have 1.4 billion by year 2025. This is only a few years away and their aquifers are already being over-pumped and their soil contaminated with salt because of farming irrigation. This means that in only one decade or less there are going to be some terrible water shortages for much of the population.

China – China already has 1.3 billion people and is an area that worries the world the most. The water table is dropping a full meter a year in Northern China due to over-pumping. The Chinese themselves admit that a large number of cities are already having water shortages. To try and help the situation they have been diverting water from agriculture and many farmers are going out of business. With their already huge and ever growing population they are going to have to import more and more food with every passing year.

Mideastern Countries – There are many experts who feel there are actually going to be wars started in the very near future all because of world water shortages here. The rivers that flow through Turkey, Syria and Iraq are depended upon for survival by all in this dry region. Any interference of water flow from the Nile by Sudan or Ethiopia could virtually starve the people of Egypt. As the population grows there is already rising pressure on all these countries to do what they must to obtain water for their people. Water means survival and it is thought by many that wars fought because of world water shortage are on the horizon.

Although these heavily populated countries are the ones with major water problems at present, the Southwestern states in the U.S. could very easily start having water shortage problems as well. There are five states there that depend on the Colorado river which is almost allocated out, yet 5 of the 10 fastest growing cities in the U.S. are located there. As the population rises in this very dry region water shortages are looming in the future. The use of water from the Colorado has already affected Mexico whose once fertile delta on the Sea of Cortez now lies dry and polluted.

In the past many have thought oil to be one of the most precious liquids on earth. However, as the world water shortage continues to grow this idea is very likely to change as more and more people need water for survival.

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